House Party Lost & Found Shirt Bundle

House Party Lost & Found Shirt Bundle

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House Party VOD, T-Shirt or Long Sleeve & 1 Accessory
So we’ve had a few months to clean up that destruction from the Hollywood Undead “House Party” in December, and we’ve found a few merch items left behind. We’ve gathered these into bundles, to round out the experience for you to watch the “House Party” anytime you wish.

Each bundle will include House Party VOD plus one wearable + one accessory:
- Wearable: “Undead House Party” Tee, “I Survived The House Party” Tee OR “Polaroid” Long Sleeve Tee
- Accessory: House Party Bandana, Undead Deck of Cards, D&G Ping Pong Balls OR D&G Party Cups

Plus, the first 100 orders come with D&G rolling papers!

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  • Note: Previous livestream ticket purchases of House Party (made before April 6th, 2021) will NOT grant access to the VOD.